Friday, 7 September 2007

eep, vaccinations tomorrow!

arrr! Me and the other bunnies that live here are all going to get vaccinated tomorrow, and maybe our friend who's website can be found here ( ) yes, she is a dutchy just like me!
Anyway, I still need to leech a carrot of mummy,
bye bye XxX

Asbeau's Story

Hello, I'm Asbeau. I'm a 7 month old Chocolate Dutch.
I don't live with a girly bun ( I am neutered) but mummy is trying to get me to move indoors so I can see her more often.
I can be quite agressive but not towards my mummy, I always let her give me nose rubs (although sometimes I do growl at her LOL)
Anyway, mummy adopted me from Pets at Home adoption centre in Derby, now I live in a nice 2 storey hutcha nd have free run of a shed during the day.
Anyway, I heard mummy open a bag of carrots, I have to go and beg her,
bye bye